It’s not a competition but this sets a standard!


I’m posting the following on behalf of abf101 who hasn’t worked out how to post yet!  Some of you have already appreciated its wit, having clocked it in the comments.

 I stood under the trees like a horse, motionless, patient, waiting for the rainstorm to pass. I’d never seen trees like a horse before; but at least they were shelter from the windy wetness. What could they be for? The high command had been very cagey. “Just build it,” they said. Ours but to hew and cry – and get skelfs everywhere. Now it’s to get wheels. I ask you! I ask everybody. Silence and the occasional wink, as if somebody has a crafty plan. Ten years’ battling away and we end up with a wooden horse. Very funny, Odysseus!

3 Responses to “It’s not a competition but this sets a standard!”

  1. goforchris Says:

    Skelfs. Made me think, that word. Made me think of … skelves. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

    Fabby micro tale too.

  2. abf101 Says:

    Absolutely not! Skelves are small fairy creatures who keep themselfs to themselfs.

  3. alisonwriting Says:

    The Stephen Fry do nos jours!

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