August (just) Challenge


You may have seen my tongue-in-cheek haiku on wordswordswords.  Today’s challenge is to write a pair of haiku(s) on the theme ‘glass half full/glass half empty’. 

Have just thought of it so no ideas yet myself – I’m sure you wits out there can cook up something!

5 Responses to “August (just) Challenge”

  1. goforchris Says:

    I have never in my life tried to write a haiku. Nor did I ever do it with kids. This is a first – so no promises!

  2. rosemaryhannah Says:

    Despite being logged in, this seems the only way to post …I’m not very clever at the internet, despite time spent!

    Braw gallant elbows
    back too loud girl with fat legs –
    hired kilt stays dry.

    Umbrella held
    over pretty girl
    young man beams wetly.

  3. alisonwriting Says:

    What fun – will copy it on for you. If you have login details you should be able to get in on a ‘dashboard’ and click on ‘write’.

  4. rosemaryhannah Says:

    I have dashboards, but nothing for this blog. Only Love Blooms Bright and Beauty from Chaos.

  5. alisonwriting Says:

    right. We can sort this – probably this evening!

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