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Next challenge

June 15, 2008

We (being ‘Chris’ and I) are still working on how this blog might operate including checking out copyright for a splendidly apposite image – watch this space!

I think it’s time for another challenge though!  This one also features food – can’t think why.  I heard it some 20 odd years ago.  I won’t tell you the context for fear of pre-empting your vivid imaginations.  

‘There’s a lot to be said for cold meat!’

Can’t wait to see what the egg fryers do with that.

New frying pan!

June 8, 2008

As you’ll see, I’ve moved our stories and poems to a dedicated blog.  To begin with I’ve set it so that you need to register in order to comment.  I can of course invite you as contributors but I’m taking one step at a time till we see how it works.  I plan to issue a challenge every month or thereabouts. 

Those of you new to micro-writing may like to know that Fish publishing is currently running a micro-fiction showcase competition.  It includes verse as well as stories and can be found here

More about mini-writing

June 6, 2008

The dramatist Jules Horne has a fascinating page about what she calls ‘particle fiction’ and has embarked on a year of writing a story a day based on the intriguing system she explains here

So if the bug is biting and you want a new source of triggers, have a look!

Write a story

June 3, 2008

or a poem.  I know it’s not tomorrow yet but I may not get to the keyboard in time tomorrow so here’s the challenge I promised you.  (Who said threatened?)  Many years ago I overheard an elderly and very genteel lady say, ‘She was just frying an egg, when she expired!’  She uttered these words in an accent which Scottish readers will know as either Kelvinside or Morningside and vous autres, just think ‘elderly genteel posh’.

Contribute a tiny story, not more than 100 words in the comment box.  Go on just for the hell of it!

Writer as Magpie

June 3, 2008

One of the most common bits of advice for writers is to carry a notebook everywhere to capture any shiny bits of language or glittering ideas.  I usually have at least some paper to write on but I don’t collect gems as often as I could.  I just love those snatches of conversation you hear in passing and some of these I have used as a starter for 10 so to speak.  A recent one was ‘It was the tailor’s dummy that was the last straw’.  I’ve used that to create a very short story.  If you’d like to read it click microsoft-word-the-tailors-dummy I’ll have a similar challenge for you in a day or so!